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Download demo of
VitaHD MCU Server

For your convenience we have prepared a Linux KVM VM image with preinstalled VitaHD MCU server. Download it and test!
VitaHD MCU - affordable top level videoconferencing

Download Demo VitaHD Server VM image

  • It shows warning message
  • Maximum concurrent connections - 5

Installation recommendations
  1. Minimal RAM size for VM 2GB.
  2. Set CPU type to be the same as a host CPU. All host CPU extensions like SSE, AVX etc. must be enabled to get the best performance.
  3. Allocate at least 2 cores of CPU, recommended number 4 and more.
  4. Set up Bridge type of the network interface.
  5. DHCP server shall be available in the network to let VM get its IP address

WEB control access

  1. Control panel work on 443 port, so use https:// in servers address.
  2. To get access to the server's control panel use login admin and password admin.